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The duck foie gras   27 €
Foie gras naturally cooked and flavoured with « spicy cacao », apple and grape chutney, warm brioche
The duo of pike-perch and king prawns  25 €
Warm fine mousse, chicory with smoked sesame and Basque chorizo vinaigrette sauce  

The Island salmon           26 €
Marinated fillet with beetroot, black radishes raw-cooked and creamed horseradish

The vegetarian millefeuille layering 23 €
Destructured millefeuille with Alsatian trout eggs and root vegetable, tangy egg yolks sauce


The red mullet  33 €
The grilled fillet, creamed spinach, « Bleu d'Artois » cheese in texture and Botargo sauce
The bass  38 €
Thick steak cooked on one side only, organic Camargue rice with shellfish stock,
candied shallots and white port wine sauce

The octopus 37 €
Candied with organic olive oil and our reinterpretation of the sauerkraut with Riesling sauce

The Limousin beef (from France)  38 €
The chuck Rossini , smoked onions, capers and fairy rings mushrooms, carrots fine mousse with devilled sauce
The Dombes duckling (from France)   34 €
The breast fillet glazed with Asian flavours, white Swiss chard cooked with red wine and creamy polenta 

The Alsatian free-range chicken (from France) 32 €
The fillet steamed with fir branches from the castle, creamy mushrooms sauce and parmesan cheese gnocchi

The morel mushrooms   34 €
Small ravioli made of morel mushrooms and Mont d'Or cheese with herbs, truffled sweet onions juice  

The pasta   31 €
Big macaroni « Cardele lunghe » stuffed with artichokes and piquillo pepers,
parmigiano reggiano and basil mousse

Fully-matured cheese selection        15 €

Made of fresh milk with acacia honey        8€
Served with a glass of “Gewurztraminer” late vintage        19€               

The soufflé 16 €
Made of fresh cream cheese, lemon heart and blood orange sorbet

The chocolate   15 €
Prepared in different styles and coffee beans ice-cream

The exotic  15 €
Pineapple cooked at low temperature, coconut cream and mango sorbet

The kougelhopf  14 €
French toasted, apple and blueberry compote, vanilla ice cream  

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