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French Duck Foie Gras     27 €
Foie gras naturally cooked and flavoured with “spicy cacao”, mango and onions pickles, warm brioche  

The crab    25 €
Flaked crab, red cabage houmous with shiso vinegar, grated dried bonito fish   

The wild boar (origin according to hunting)    26 €
Tenderloin smoked by our care, leeks cooked at low temperature and virgin squash with cranberries

The Brocciu cheese    24 €
Mini-vegetables ring under a whipped cream made of rocket “pistou” and brocciu ice cream


The swordfish    35 €
Thick swordfish half-cooked, smoked pepper espuma and tuberous parsley with sudachi butter

The pollack    32 €
Thick steack cooked on one side only, blue cheese polenta, carrots with chestnuts frangments
and matcha-watercress sauce

Scallops    37 €
Seared scalops, squid ink Viennese bread style, green cabbage cooked in butter and Basque chorizo sauce

The lobster     39 €
In an open ravioli, sea pineapple flavoured, red beetroot and haddock emulsion


The lamb (from France)    37 €
Grilled breast, salsifies and spinach cream, onions and pine seeds samosas, gravy sauce made of white soja 

The venisson (origin according to hunting)    38 €
The back cooked at low temperature, wasabi crumble, small pumpkin gnocchi and fairy rings mushrooms

The Barbarie free-range Duck (from France)    33 €
Grilled breast fillet, cooked celeri in a salt crust, sweet potato in two textures
and smoked wooden sakura sauce
The duo of veal (from France)    36 €
Veal shoulder cooked at low temperature, crispy rice, grilled tofu, Thai vegetables
and its gravy sauce seasoned with ginger

Morels    32 €
Tender potatoes with pieces of morels, braised sucrine, grated 24 months Comté cheese and saffron sauce

Truffle     33 €
Fried automn mushrooms, scrambled organic eggs and truffle, toasted focaccia

Fully-matured cheese selection        15 €

Made of fresh milk with acacia honey        8€
Served with a glass of “Gewurztraminer” late vintage        19€               

Soufflé        16 €
Pistachio flavoured, morellos heart et its raspberry sorbet

Quetsch plum    15 €
“Gianduja” and quetsch plums cream dessert, almond streusel and stracciatella ice cream

Chocolate        15 €
Made in a caramel ring with its intense black chocolate ice cream

Apple-Pear    15 €
Apple cooked at low temperature, granola, pear mousse and “lychee-blackcurrant” sorbet

Kougelhopf         15 €
French toasted Alsatian pastry, blueberry compote and vanilla ice-cream

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