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Duck liver “Foie Gras”                                                                                        25
Half-cooked in salt, winter fruit in different textures and toasted bacon brioche  
ornement inter platSalmon                                                                                                          25€ 
Marinated heart of fillet, “red meat” radish carpaccio with black sesame and tarragon coulis
ornement inter plat
King prawns                                                                                 24€
Marinated Asian-style, shortbread with Parmesan and pickles, wasabi whipped cream 
  ornement inter platTête de Moine                                                                                                      22€ 
In rosace, potato blini, Chantenay carotts with Banyuls vinegar and young sprouts
ornement inter plat


Line-fished hake                                                                                     33€
Thick piece cooked on one side, shallot preserve and lardo di Colonnata risotto, strong juice
ornement inter plat
Scallop                                                                                                  37
Kernels breaded with chorizo, red onion Tatin and cauliflower cream, herb stock
ornement inter plat
Red mullet                                                                                                   36€
Grilled fillet, snacked Thai vegetables and crispy black pudding, wine sauce with onions and herbs
 ornement inter platLine fished salmon-bass                                                                           38€
Thick piece preserved in olive oil, Jerusalem artichokes and watercress gnocchi,
anchovy and garlic sauce

Seabass                                                                                                     40€
Thick piece roasted, Brussels sprouts and black rice cromesqui, American-style vinaigrette
ornement inter plat


Without fish and Meat

Mushrooms                                                                                 32€
Pan-sautéed winter mushrooms, foamy potatoes and Auvergne blue cheese crumble
ornement inter platTruffle                                                                                     36€
Winter vegetables cannelloni with white truffle cream
ornement inter plat 


Iberian pork (origin Spain)                                                     35€
Pluma cooked in duck fat, hummus with herbs, Chinese cabbage and Porto-soy sauce

ornement inter platBeef (origin France)                                                                              38€
Grilled kernel of ribsteak, small vegetables with black olive jam, capers and gnocchi

ornement inter platFarm poultry (origin Alsace)                                                                 33€
Preserved fillet, beetroot and sand carrot polenta, sangria sauce

ornement inter platVeal (origin France)                                                                                37€
Medium rare loin, mashed potatoes with rocket salad, Parisian cream, ginger juice

Cheese & desserts

Fully-matured cheese selection                                                                               14 € 
ornement inter platMunster
Made of fresh milk with acacia honey                                                                              7€
Served with a glass of “Gewurztraminer” late vintage                                                      18€

ornement inter plat

Soufflé                                                                                                   15€
Fresh cream cheese soufflé, chestnut heart, crystallized pineapple with vanilla, raspberry sorbet

ornement inter platExotic                                                                                                 15€
Coconut cream, milk chocolate and passion fruit mousse, pineapple sorbet

ornement inter platChocolate                                                                                               16€
 Savarin, Chantilly duet of white chocolate and caramel, blond chocolate and banana sorbet

ornement inter platPear                                                                                                           15€
Poached in hot wine, orange cream, sponge cake and lemon-vanilla sorbet

ornement inter platKougelhopf                                                                                              14€
French toasted Alsatian pastry, stewed apples and quinces, vanilla ice-cream

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