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Duck liver “Foie Gras”    24€
Marinated with smoked pepper, exotic fruit chutney and nut bread toast  
ornement inter platScallops    27€
Home-smoked, Parmesan shortbread and red onion pickles, black sesame ice-cream
ornement inter plat
Red mullet    26€
In cold Escabeche with lemon grass, white radish and light horseradish  cream
  ornement inter platCrottin de Chavignol    23€
In tempura with summer savory, beetroot chutney and salad with black garlic

ornement inter plat


Bream    32€
Roasted fillet, watercress-matcha hummus, asparagus browned in butter and Pauchouse sauce
ornement inter plat
Line-fished pollack    35€
Thick piece cooked on one side, tarragon risotto and Colonatta bacon, strong Porto juice
ornement inter plat
Scampi    38€
Snacked tails, eggplant caviar, pan-sautéed vegetables with pine seeds and Bouillabaisse sauce
 ornement inter platArtic char    36€
Thick piece grilled, red pepper and sweet onion cream, bottarga-wild garlic pistou


Without fish and Meat

Eggs    32€
Organic egg of chicken with Parmesan milk and zest of caviar on creamy polenta with peas
ornement inter platTruffle    34€
Barigoule artichokes with smoked buratta and grated fresh truffle

ornement inter plat 


Duckling (origin France)     33€
Cooked on the chest, fine carrot mousse, simmered Swiss chard, juice seasoned with yuzu

ornement inter platBeef (origin France)     39€
Grilled piece of fillet, small vegetables with capers, olive jam and gnocchi with herbs

ornement inter platLamb (origin Alsace)    37€
Saddle with tomato and rocket salad flavours, round zucchini and oyster mushroom,
foamy potato

ornement inter platIberian pork (origin Spain)    35€
Pluma preserved in tandoori, fennel cooked at low temperature, blue potato in different textures, ginger sauce

Cheese & desserts

Fully-matured cheese selection                                                                               14 € 
ornement inter platMunster
Made of fresh milk with acacia honey                                                                              7€
Served with a glass of “Gewurztraminer” late vintage                                                      18€

ornement inter plat

Soufflé    16€
Fresh cream cheese soufflé, green tea heart, calamondin sorbet

ornement inter platRhubarb    15€
Crispy rhubarb, nougat cream and red fruit-passion fruit sorbet

ornement inter platChocolate    15€
In profiterole, “Illanka” chocolate sauce, coffee-anise

ornement inter platStrawberry    15€                                                                                               
In whirl, hazelnut crumble and mint sorbet

ornement inter platKougelhopf                                                                                              14€
French toasted Alsatian pastry, stewed apples and blackberries, vanilla ice-cream

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