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Duck liver “Foie Gras”                                                                                         24
Half-cooked in salt, vanilla flavoured shortbread, citrus fruit and seasonal flower chutney  
ornement inter plat King prawns                                                                                                          24€ 
Tails flavoured with Thai basil, red beetroot hummus and its radish tartar
ornement inter plat
Anglerfish                                                                              227€
Marinated gravlax style, cucumbers pickles, balsamic pearls and tomato gazpacho  
  ornement inter platSummer salad with parmesan                                                                                                                 22€ 
In shavings, vegetables with smoked tea and vegetable sprouts, potato blini,
summer savory ice-cream 
ornement inter plat


Line-fished hake                                                                                                                32€
Cooked on one side only, risotto verde and its browned-butter emulsion
ornement inter plat
Scorpion fish                                                                                                         35€
Just grilled, restyled ratatouille and crumble parmesan,
sweet and sour sauce with blackcurrant vinegar
ornement inter plat
Scallops                                                                                                     36€
Snacked kernels, fennel Tatin and cauliflower cream, Grenobloise sauce with salicornia
 ornement inter platLine fished salmon-bass                                                                                                 38€
Thick piece roasted in butter, pan-sautéed salad, apricot tempura and Iberian chorizo sauce

Without fish and Meat

Morel                                                                                    36€
In an opened small ravioli, crispy soft-boiled egg and its matured Comté cheese espuma
ornement inter platTruffle                                                                                     33€
Conchiglioni with seasonal small vegetables, grated summer truffle
ornement inter plat 


Black Iberian Pork (origin Spain)                                               33€
Preserved pluma, creamy polenta, Swiss chard of colors, Porto-soy sauce
ornement inter platLamb (origin France)                                                                                             35€
Roasted loin, Thai vegetables wok, gnocchi with herbs, olive juice
ornement inter platPigeon (origin France)                                                                          39€
Grilled fillets, thighs in croquettes, pepper piperade and garlic cream
ornement inter platVeal (origin France)                                                         34€
Breaded rump with rosemary, sand carrots and Eastern samosa

Cheese & desserts

Fully-matured cheese selection                                                                               14 € 
ornement inter platMunster
Made of fresh milk with acacia honey                                                                              7€
Served with a glass of “Gewurztraminer” late vintage                                                      18€

ornement inter plat

Le soufflé                                                                                                               15€
Fresh cream cheese soufflé, raspberry heart and basil sorbet
ornement inter platRed fruits                                                                                                   15€
Mascaporne and sakura mousse, sour cherry heart,
crumbly shortbread and redcurrant-lychee sorbet
ornement inter platChocolate                                                                                                          16€
Iced “black and praline” chocolate mousse, Illanka chocolate cream and almond sponge cake
ornement inter platApricot-peach                                                                                                             15€
Small apricot-peach cake, peach sorbet
ornement inter platKougelhopf                                                                                                             14€
French toasted Alsatian pastry, stewed apples and bilberries and vanilla ice-cream

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